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Our Bus Solutions

At Green Northern Coaches, we are dedicated to offering bespoke buses and coaches for sale in Australia. We recognise the needs of the best buses and coaches. As such, we have dedicated ourselves to ensure that you can have your share of the best options if you’re interested.

We are the best in the business, thanks to our years of experience and service. There’s no reason to doubt our capacity to deliver. We have consistently delivered over the years, and you’ve nothing to worry about when you decide to go with us for your buses and coaches’ needs.

Our experienced team continues to guarantee access to the best merchandise across the world for buses and coaches. There’s no disappointment when you decide to opt for us. We try our best to ensure that every one of our clients gets satisfied without fail. You can always reach out to us concerning your needs. We would be available to see to them and ensure that nothing is missing when meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Our Bus and Coaches Offering

We offer a wide range of options that's sure to meet your needs. Regardless of your desire for space, comfort, luxury, we have something that will leave you wowed and ready to commit to a purchase. Our options include the following.

Senator Series

This series is designed to provide exclusive comfort and luxury to its occupants. It comes with a design that ensures you can enjoy durability on the road regardless of how far you go. There's hardly anything to worry about as it provides adequate value for money. The various options that you can opt for under this category include:
• Senator 8
• Senator 9
• Senator 10
• Senator 12
• Senator 14

City Star Series

The next option that you can opt for is the City Star. This series comes with a delicate design that brings class and elegance. It comes with a modern range of new technologies that ensure you can get functionality. Even at that, the durability of this option isn't in doubt. Options available under this category include:
• Citystar
• Citystar Articulated
• Citystar Combo

President Series

Our next option is the president series, just like it's named; with this option, you design that provides residential care and functionality. They are suitable for long-term use as they provide extremely impressive durability. Options that are available under this category include:
• President 9
• President 10
• President 3” 14.5m
• President 2” 12.3m - 13.2m
• President 2” 12.5m - 13.7m

Cooper Series

Our final series is the Cooper series. This option delivers on elegance, space, and functionality. It also boasts incredible durability that ensures its fit for the road. You'll get to enjoy the best experience with this series. So, if you're interested in getting a bus, you're welcome to reach out to us. We look forward to seeing you.