Getting an Insurance Cover

Our assets are of considerable importance thanks to the significant amount of money we spend acquiring them. As such, we can’t afford to have damage occasioned to them. We always want to keep them in the best possible condition. Unfortunately, there is a wide range of threat that is beyond our control. While we can avoid some, it’s almost impossible to avoid others.

Still, that doesn’t leave us helpless against these damages. We can now opt for an insurance cover to ensure that we are covered in case of any such damage. Precisely, this is a financial instrument that requires you to pay a premium to an insurer. In turn, you get protected from a wide range of damage such that where such damage occurs within the insured period, you get compensated for the damage. With this arrangement, you won’t have to bear full responsibility for the loss. You might not need to even bear any responsibility for the loss as you get fully compensated in some cases.

At Green Northern Coaches, we are not insurance brokers. Also, we don’t offer insurance cover to our clients. However, we recognise the importance of getting an insurance cover. This is why we have third-party partners who can take care of this for you. They provide you with insurance services to ensure that you’re protected in the event of damage to your asset.

What Threats Can You Cover From?

There is a wide range of threats or damage that you can get cover from. They include:

Accidental Damage

You can get cover for accidental damage. This involves damage to your assets unknown and unplanned. This damage can result in little repairs or modifications to your vehicle or complete loss of the vehicle. With this cover, you're protected when it happens.

Malicious Damage

In other cases, damage to your vehicle might be planned and malicious. Regardless of the nature of the damage, you can also get protection from such damage. This can be to the actual value of the asset or based on an agreed value at the time the insurance agreement came into force.

Fire, Flood, and Storm

While they might seem rare, you cannot rule out these factors when it comes to your vehicle protection. Worse, the damage that this situation can cause is usually significant. That's why you can also get protection from things like fire, flood, and storm.

Liability Cover

In cases of accidents, you might just find yourself bearing liability for damage caused to others. This involves significant financial responsibilities also. Well, you don’t need to worry about this, as you can also get your insurance coverage to protect you from such liability.

We bet you’re interested in getting an insurance cover. Well, while it’s not compulsory, it’s definitely important. So, contact us today. We’ll be sure to connect you to these third-party partners who will help you get started. They are professionals with considerable years of experience and will ensure you get the best protection at the most affordable cost.